lundi 19 novembre 2012

Mina UK giveaway

Hey guys

Just a quick post (I know it's been ages since I post anything but I'm thinking about it :))

Do you remember one of my look on lookbook sharing a gorgeous dress from Mina UK ?

Just as a reminder, here's the photo (I know I look silly but isn't the dress AMAZING ? ) :

I just love the brand, I only have 2 dresses from that brand on my wardrobe but seriously thinking of requesting one as christmas present ahah

The two dresses I'm happy to get were found in Leeds by the time I lived there, and I just miss the English sense of fashion. France is so boring.

ANYWAY : Now, Not only you could get the chance to win a Dress from Mina UK , BUT you could also win a second one for your best friend ! 

All you have to do is enter the competition through this link =)

Hurry up =) It's worth trying, believe me ! 
You can also have a look at their last collection HERE 
These are my 2 favorite dresses of the last collection : What do you think ? Just love how they combine different fabrics and prints ! Such a vintage look ! 



dimanche 15 janvier 2012

What my fingers do .

A new post about my new Necklaces and jowels Boutique =)

I want you to know guys I do everything with a lot of love and patience , got inspiration from own mind and realize everything myself.

Now if you're interested in irregular necklaces you might come and visit my Boutique :) 


Here are somes pics of what I usually do. Tell me guys what you think :)



Cigarettes : A Thousand ; Boyfriend : 0 , Job : 0 , Necklaces done : 1 (good)

As most people say, with 2012 comes new start, resolutions and stuff. I might say, with 2012 comes hopefully a new job or, better, new studies ( what about fashion studies ? hum... I may think about it) and lots of love and money (slightly related to a new job) .

I tried very hard to get well into a new year of Political studies and also a make up artist formation but unfortunately, bloody health issues forced me to get back home and "rest", which is a word I don't really find myself into.

As we must always take the good side of life, I've started making necklaces again, and hope getting better and better each time I start a new one. I've started posting things on lookbook, looking for some things that can be put right well together as I have absolutely no money to get myself new stuff. Sounds a bit cynical doesn't it ?

Anyway this might be a new blogging start , or might not, wait and see. Lots of things to share, but don't quite know how to put everything in order. So this is pictures mess, hope you'll like it.

lundi 29 août 2011

Sunshine on my window

A little baby-sitting this morning, I tried to photograph the little cute boy properly but he just couldn't stop moving around so I had to run after him for a while before getting two pics which I share with you today.

And this is what I'm wearing right now 


dimanche 28 août 2011

It's raining hell

Quick post about my outfit of the day guys ;) tell me what you think ! Everything is vintage !

mercredi 24 août 2011

With a little help from my friends.

I had such a great time this week, spending hour at my friend Sarah's , chatting and smoking cigarettes while listening to all kind of music... The weather is still awful and we haven't got much to do except messing around the whole afternoon. I'm moving out in a week and feel quite anxious about the whole thing, starting studying again and having a "normal" life. But still can't wait to starting my make up artist studies to finally get proper photoshoots planed.

A few pics from yesterday's afternoon.