vendredi 22 juillet 2011

End of the trip

Hi guys,

I'm still on holidays until tomorrow morning.

After that I'm off to Strasbourg to try and find a new place to live with my flatmate. I can't frikin' wait to come back to that place I love, and hanging out with my friends for hours .

Sunday will be amazing as my boyfriend comes from Paris to spend a few hours with me before leaving for an italian trip. The sun is up right here, and I dread coming back home and witness a dreadful weather forcing me to get stuck at home.

I'm glad to have a few more hypes on lookbook and it really leads me to carry on my way to recovery and try new things with that body I hate. I'm considering contacting a photographer to make my own book, don't know if it could work at last but still, I can try anyway.

A few pics to share the great atmosphere I have up there.

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