jeudi 11 août 2011

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.

Hi guys ,

The weather is still awful there and I've been stucked at home since Monday. My brother is back from my father's and he's clearly nominated as my personal lookbook photographer ^^ .

So today I would like to post about my little world, how I spend my days at home and what home does look like. I've started making my own necklaces for a while and I have to admit it takes me about 10 hours to finish my started work so it's quite long but I'm sometimes glad with the final result. When I was in the hospital I made quantities of necklaces of any style, and I love the idea that nobody's gonna have the same necklace in the world. Ah ah . I was offered to sell them but still don't know if I'm ready to be separated from them as I'm spending so much time to make them lovely. I need quite a few sewing lessons to be able to finish them properly with lovely finitions and details but I'm new at making necklaces so don't be too harsh :)

These are two of the numerous ones I made. I use polymer clay as well as old beads I find at emmaus or charity shops, buttons and laces flowers and ribbons . Every necklace is my own design as I use no model at all.

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