jeudi 4 août 2011

Sweet laziness

A bit lost after a week in Strasbourg. I am home again, missing a lot of odd things and having a lot to do. I never do things on time and I have to work on it very hard. I'm loafing around and spend a lot of time watching pics and blogs.

I would like to share my two new favorite ones.

Lily with her Red Brick Liptstick blog which I adore. She does amazing photos and write beautiful things I love to read, this blog makes me wanna live in England again, having tea parties and wearing floral dresses and wedges. I miss England so bad. She emphasizes everything I love about English culture, and I encourage you to follow this fabulous blog .

Isn't she so cute ?

The other one is a bit different, but I read and watch it everyday. I discovered that gorgeous model on Lookbook and I have to admit she quite takes my breath away. I love her outfits so much. Not only is she doing modeling and make up , but she also takes amazing photos. She's from Dublin and called Anouska Proetta Brandon. Remember that name cause I think that girl will be extremely famous very soon, as a model or fashion photographer.

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  1. Thank-you so much for featuring me you are so kind! I've shared your blog link on twitter so hopefully some other people will check out your wonderful outfits!