dimanche 15 janvier 2012


Cigarettes : A Thousand ; Boyfriend : 0 , Job : 0 , Necklaces done : 1 (good)

As most people say, with 2012 comes new start, resolutions and stuff. I might say, with 2012 comes hopefully a new job or, better, new studies ( what about fashion studies ? hum... I may think about it) and lots of love and money (slightly related to a new job) .

I tried very hard to get well into a new year of Political studies and also a make up artist formation but unfortunately, bloody health issues forced me to get back home and "rest", which is a word I don't really find myself into.

As we must always take the good side of life, I've started making necklaces again, and hope getting better and better each time I start a new one. I've started posting things on lookbook, looking for some things that can be put right well together as I have absolutely no money to get myself new stuff. Sounds a bit cynical doesn't it ?

Anyway this might be a new blogging start , or might not, wait and see. Lots of things to share, but don't quite know how to put everything in order. So this is pictures mess, hope you'll like it.

3 commentaires:

  1. I really like your style, you look great!
    I am following you xxx


  2. I can understand what you are living... right now i'm in a kind of similar situtation: job:0, (money:0) boy friend:0, motivation:0, extra KG:10, project:0 or a thousand (same result)... miss you <3

  3. Your outfits are super cute!