jeudi 12 mai 2011

First day of freedom

Yesterday I was allowed to spend two hours out of the hospital for the first time in two months. I was so excited, and, as I was with my dear friend Fabienne, we decided to go and get some new make up products in MAC (there's a very nice MAC shop in Brussels). So, even though my credit card didn't agree that much, I had myself a Face and Body fondation as well as two lovely eye shadows.

We also had a lovely make up by the make up artists, which was fantastic. Mine was composed of purple tones, Fabienne's was of green tones. I had such a good time ... It was very nice to feel free for a while, just breathe some fresh air and see many people in the street. 

After our shopping going out, I decided to take some photos, and here is the result. Again, the post processing is quite bad as I cannot get any post processing softwares here, and I'm quite frustrated by the space I've been given to take photos (that is to say, close to nothing as taking photos of the others patients is forbidden) 

And this is what I wore :

Happy Friday 


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