mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Photography Inspiration

I want to post here my photography inspirations. My own purpose when I photograph someone is to play with contrasts, and to capture women's feminism, I don't really like fashion photographers who use their models just for the clothes sake. I really want to humanise fashion photography, and I think the most talented fashion photographer is Ellen Von Unwerth .

I really love her way of catching both instants and beauty, she really manages to communicate a great sensitivity and I love her way of contrasting her photos, using black and white shots or oversaturated colors. Also, she photographed people I love, turning them to "normal" people with natural beauty .

 Vanessa Paradis 

Winona Ryder 

I love everything she does, and I found the make up and stylish job really amazing. Some people may think her photos are kind of rude or provocative, but that's what I love the most : women acting and behaving like real women, not only as models for some clothing adverts. 

I also do find Karl Lagerfeld photography outstanding. Chanel is the brand I love the most, and his job is always amazing, both fashion shows and advertising. I love the vintage way he uses to catch people, and I love his job as a photographer, maybe because I'm really attached to black and white (as I started photography developing my own black and white shots.) 

I also founded some great photographers on Flickr and I will soon post links for you to have a look at their amazing job. This is my own Flickr gallery I haven't updated for a while but I will soon get some new faces to photograph and post new things there. Just click ;)

Happy Wednesday .

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