jeudi 14 juillet 2011

14th July outfit

This is what I am wearing this evening. I've not been so well today because I've started starving myself again and am very tired when we walk around mountains for hours. But I just can't help doing that, I can't stand my body at the moment, that's why I'm trying to hyde it by wearing some wide clothes and accessories. I'm so addicted to fashion, and would like to feel fine with by body and clothes...

I also need a new hair cut . I CAN'T stand myself anymore and want to change everything...

I was alarmed by some posts on Lookbook where very very thin girls pose with beautiful clothes... Reminds me so bad of my darkest days, but encourages me as well so I don't know if it's a good thing spending hours watching loads of pics like that. I'm tired of being addicted to food and calculate every particule I eat each days. Everything's fine when my boyfriend is around, but since he's still stuck in Paris, it's a pretty hard period to assume there, even if I'm supposed to enjoy myself during the holidays.

I can't wait to going back to my studies and get myself occupied all day long, taking photos and studying every single minute of my free time.

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